Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Handlebar Listening Room

Great place to catch a concert of some of the areas up and coming bands and comedians. Most big known artists have a cost but are never over about $20. You can get ticket information online and buy them through Ticket master and Will Call most of the time. Parking in the front is limited to about 10 spots but they do have a fenced in lot next door about two driveways down. When you walk in you know right away you're in a music loving place. In the door take a u turn to the left and head to the main bar. Grab a drink and order some great food. If you are there for a concert the doors to the music room is straight ahead. Depending on the show they will either have 2/3 of it standing room and some chairs set up as well, they also have a bar is this area. There is a VIP area for the those who want to pay a little more and for the more private folks and parties you can pay to get in the Skybox for $250 and overlook the whole room. Here you will have your own wait staff and private bathroom. Ask for this early because it is booked fast. (Holds abut 20)
Beer is a little pricey but that's to be expected at a venue like this. This is a NON Smoking invironment due to it being in the city limits of Greenville. They do have an area outside for those of you who like to get your smoke on. I recommend getting on their mailing list to catch your favorite band or type of music.

Phone: (864) 233-6173
304 East Stone Ave • Greenville, SC 29609

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