Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carolina Ale House Main Street Greenville

One of the first places people talk about when asked, "where do you want to go see the game?" They have more than 80 TV's, Two bars on two floors, Great food and good prices. During nice weather they will open the retractable roof upstairs so you hear the sounds of Beautiful downtown Greenville. During the weekend they have Valet parking which is free but these guys do take tips. So don't worry about finding a parking spot, just drive up and let the guys park your car and enjoy the great food and drinks. Did I say drinks? they have one of the largest draft beer selections in town.

113 South Main Street
Greenville, SC

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  1. They double charged me and my boyfriend, insisting we had SIX pints of high gravity beer EACH in three hours. Dude, if this was the case, we would have been on the floor!

    They had a shift change and screwed up the bill. They charged us double for the 3 beers we actually did have. I am a regular there 2 or 3 times a week. I never drink six beers!! But the staff and manger argued with us tonight and insisted we did.

    They also lied. The manager said he poured us three beers and another guy poured us three. Actually two of the three beers we did each have had been poured by a guy working the shift before them. We didn't have 6 beers apiece, and we certainly didn't have 8!!

    This is not the first service problem I've had at Alehouse. And both times towing the company line has been more important than treating the customers with respect. As loyal customers and fans of the restaurant, this was an incredibly insulting experience. Any restaurant who trains their staff to lie, shame, and embarrass loyal regulars does not deserve to be in business.